The curtain is still flashing with a flicker of culture

A closing ceremony #For the _country_country_to the book was held this evening at the Amman Convention and Exhibition Center under the patronage of the Dr. Abdel Moneim bin Mansour Al Hassani, Minister of Information and Chairman of the Main Committee To the Muscat International Book Fair in the presence of a number of Excellencies, some officials and a collection of visitors to the exhibition.

We came to the conclusion of the Muscat International Book Fair, as an organized committee, trying to present a purely Omani experience in which the book is diverse and objective. It includes cultural programs in various fields and community initiatives that serve the Omani and the resident. He said that the exhibition included a special wing concerned with family, Which was delivered by His Excellency Dr. Abdul Moneim bin Mansour Al Hassani, Minister of Information and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Muscat International Book Fair.

The Omani children and youth are the safety valve for the future of Oman with their creativity, thought, energy and abilities.

HE Al-Hassani said that starting this evening, the opening of the remarks will be opened through the Muscat International Book Fair. He stressed that it will definitely be of interest and benefit as it has been in previous years as these programs were used and taken into account in order to achieve the new development.

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Taweel, who delivered a speech about Sohar City, guest of honor at Muscat International Book Fair in its 22nd edition, said: “The city of Sohar has been a special place and a distinguished presence to be a guest of honor and we hope that this honor has achieved the hopes and aspirations. Muscat International Book Fair closes the most important cultural and intellectual event in the country address the thought and conscience together and the mix of mind and heart and create an atmosphere of passion between the book and all its belongings of cultural, artistic and intellectual.

He explained in his speech the actions that preceded the exhibition by selecting the city of Sohar as the guest of honor of the exhibition and the diligent work carried out by the committees that were formed for the various activities. He pointed out that Sohar Corner pavilion carried a design for the Sohar Gate, which is a symbol of its symbols. The ceremony was also attended by a number of intellectuals, intellectuals and writers from inside and outside Amman and school students.

Then, a film was shown showing the developments of the book fair during its previous sessions in terms of publishing houses, participating countries and visitors’ statistics from 1992 to the present edition of the exhibition 2017, referring to the role of the exhibition in spreading knowledge and culture in society.

Followed by a video film about the great competition presented by the Glis Center for communication through the means of social communication, which attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibition where the names of the winners of the competition was announced, and another visual presentation of the exhibition with its activities and activities and various activities and events included in this year’s exhibition.

The winners of the community literacy initiatives have been announced as these initiatives  Among the activities that have received special attention and continuous follow-up by the main committee of the exhibition, and the criteria of participation, the initiative should be a non-governmental organization that does not follow any government institution or private and be free and free of charge and be present at the exhibition and targeted visitors and have the status of continuity and aim To encourage readers, where the community initiatives were announced winning the top five.

Then the patron of the ceremony honored the winners of the community initiatives, organizing committees, participation and individuals who contributed in one form or another to the success of the exhibition.

The Amman International Convention and Exhibition Center (MECC) held this year’s Muscat International Book Fair, which lasted from 22 February to 4 March, with a total participation of 750 publishers, of which 590 were direct participants and 160 indirectly through agencies from 28 countries. Official 37 participations from the Sultanate and various countries of the world..

The total number of titles listed on the website reached 4500 thousand titles available through the search engine on the website of the exhibition, of which 30 percent of the latest versions.

The participation in the Muscat International Book Fair varied between cultural, artistic, literary and children’s activities in the exhibition halls in the center. The bodies involved in the book industry and related to the preparation, processing, packaging and technical output and expansion of the media center and provided with the capacity and capacity of the media to be an information window for the exhibition to the world.