The authors continue to sign their publications at the Book Fair

The signing ceremony of a number of publications was held at the Muscat International Book Fair, where Jamal Bakir signed a letter to His Majesty in the Literature of the Kings in Al-Farahidi Hall, and Colonel Nasser Sultan Salmin wrote “Diary of Kuwaiti Prisoners in Prisons and Detainees “The library of the butterfly butterfly, Dr. Amal Said signed the book” Return of Queen Balqis “in the library of the Anglo Library, and signed Salem bin Said al-Issari writing” to raise the nation “in the village unsuspecting

Five editions of Dar Al-Warraq were signed, such as “Autumn Papers” by Amani Al-Batashi, “I will Understand and I Will Understand” by Ms. Zwaina Al-Ghawi, “A Professional Guidance Program for the Development of Attitudes toward Handcrafts” by Dr. Souad Al-Lawati and Ahmad Al-Balushi. His Excellency the Good Teacher “for the dreams of the tribe.

Hassan bin Jameh signed his book “Management Jobs and Skills” at the promising generation library. The poet Aqeel who signed his office “Al-Amal Al-Muwadud” in Dar Al-Mahja Al-Bayda.